Prom Goers 
It's your special time for fun and celebration. You earned it!  remember, your smart choices can prevent tragedies and together we can make this the greatest summer of them all.
Tips for Prom Goers
​ Be prepared to deal with the pressures that come with the territory
Not everyone will be as smart as you are. There may be some who will decide to drink or use drugs and try to encourage you to do the same. Don't be caught off guard and say “Yes" to something you'll regret. Be ready to say "No" or walk away. Humor often works in these situations and once they realize you're not going to join them, they'll leave you alone.
Plan something fun and stick to the plan
Prom is all about the memories. If you and your friends plan something exciting, off-the-wall and memorable, no one will want to leave to drink or use drugs. You can go for coffee, grab a late night bite or even something silly like karaoke. By making firm plans, everyone will have a say and you'll look forward to just being together. This will be worth far more than one night of bad choices.
Be a leader for others to see
Just like peer pressure works to get others to do the wrong thing, it can also work in a positive way. If you're having a blast and are the life of the party, others will take notice. Show them it's possible and actually better to have a good time without drinking. You'll have a great time with no regrets!
Stay with your friends all night 
 It's fine to go to a party on prom night. For most, that's part of the experience. Just be sure you and your friends take care of each other. Watch your drinks so no one can slip you something, and help each other stick to the decision to not drink. If something does happen, you'll all be in control of your senses and be able to get home safe and sound.
Remember that not everyone took the Senior Promise 2016 Pledge
Weekends and especially prom night are the worst times to be on the road. There are more drunk drivers at that time. Be sure to drive carefully and know where you're going. Keep your cell phone charged in case of an emergency and take extra precautions like pausing another second at a red light or stop sign.